Marriage and Women

Hmm…I’m going to talk about marriage.
But I’m going to talk about my experience with marriage that changed friendships.
Recently I discovered that my friend of 20 years (yes that is TWENTY YEARS) stopped talking to me because I got married and it hurt her seeing my wedding pictures on Facebook. I couldn’t believe her at first when she told me. I mean friends don’t do that do they? But apparently they do.
I never rubbed my impending nuptials in her. I was never a bridezilla either. So I ask, why would she drop out?
The answer? Jealousy. Ladies when you get married, expect your female friends who aren’t married to shy away from you and expect your relationships with those female friends to change. By the way, it sucks. On the bright side, you’re marrying the love of your life.
Now I’m not saying every female in your life will hate you. I’m saying that some will wish they were you. Every female I know loves weddings. The dress, the veil, the attention-weddings are beautiful. I know I want another wedding and I just got married!
Anyways, ladies who are getting married, be careful of the females in your life that aren’t married. Don’t rub it in her face. Think of how you would feel if you were in her shoes and be honest with yourself.
Ladies, if your friend is getting married, please try your hardest to be happy for her. It might not be easy watching your female friends grow up and get married but the friendship will be worth it.


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